Professional Email Addresses for your Business

Business Email Service Providers

Get unlimited email ids for your domain with our Business Email Hosting. A business email @yourdomain is a unique identity for your organisation that creates a professional and trustworthy impact on your clients and customers.
So why pay for individual email ids when you can get almost unlimited email ids in much lesser cost with us?

Owing a business email that resonates with brand name and establishes an authority amongst your clients

Features of Business Email Ids

Personalised Email ids

Your email ids @yourdomainname, will be a direct reach to your customers

Web Mail Interface

All email ids come with 2 different webmail interfaces for easy access on the web

As you need storage

You set the storage limit for each email id, depending upon the usage expected from it

Pop3 & IMAP Support

Our email hosting supports both Pop3 and IMAP for integration with your mobile and desktop devices

Mailing list

Create multiple extensive mailing lists and use them to quickly send mails within the required group

Forwarders / Auto-Responders

Create forwarders & auto-responders for your email ids to ensure quick resolution to each and every mail you need to respond to

Why Choose Us?

Wide Experience

We have been hosting business email accounts for our clients for quite a long time.

Prompt Support

Our team is experienced and vigilant to ensure your business emails keep running smoothly and we are committed to providing quick resolution to any undesirable incident being reported to us.

Affordable & Punctual

We provide business email hosting services that are affordable and your email ids are setup quickly.

Long Term Professional Relationships

Over the years, we have built a long term trust relationship with all our clients. We listen to them, understand them and respond according to their expectations.