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wordpress & cms wordpress & cms
wordpress & cms wordpress & cms

Update your Website on the Go!

Web Design & Development ServicesWordPress – the easiest and most powerful website content management system (or CMS) available today. Packed with high technical features, WordPress has made the work of website & content development much faster and easier, especially with those websites which constantly require updations and improvisations.

From blogging to business to e-commerce websites, WordPress has multiple themes and plugins that enable you to opt for new design options and added functionality. It’s a comprehensive, feature rich CMS platform, that can handle multiple tasks on one single panel.

But there may be a scenario when your business may require a less complex CMS with a small footprint than you have the option to get a CMS customised for your business website. Such CMS offers limited features like text or image updation but are useful when the requirement is limited.

A comprehensive CMS gives you the liberty of updating and improvising your website anytime.

Customised Wordpress/ CMS Advantages

Stand-out from competitors

We design Wordpress / CMS solutions from scratch thus tailoring it specifically to your needs


Having a Wordpress or customised CMS solution, designed from scratch, reduces clutter and improves the loading time

Increased Security

The code of a customised Wordpress theme / plugin is not publicly exposed thus making it more secure

Why Choose Us?

Customized Wordpress/ CMS Solutions

We develop & deploy customised Wordpress themes/ plugins & customised CMS solutions to match with your business requirements and within your stipulated budget

Result Oriented Approach

We have a dedicated team of experienced web designers who are creative and agile. They are good at what they do and deliver excellent results

Affordable and Punctual

Our Wordpress solutions & customised CMS services are cost competitive in the market and we ensure that you get maximum value in the least possible time

Long Term Professional Relationships

Over the years, we have built a long term trust relationship with all our clients. We listen to them, understand them and respond according to their expectations

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