Linux Hosting

Linux Hosting
Linux Hosting

Secure, Comprehensive & Competitive Web Hosting Services

Linux Hosting ServicesLinux Hosting on a shared hosting platform is the most widely used platform to host websites online. Our Linux hosting offers competitive prices, high memory and decent CPU usage for your website. Even on shared hosting, you can enjoy a high performance of your web application.
So, what makes Cloud Zappy a wise choice for developing your websites and/or web applications? We have our own servers which we use to host our designed websites and web applications. This gives us a major advantage of keeping a thorough control on full tech-stack from top to bottom.

We host your website with one of the best servers. Safe & Secure, at affordable prices!

Linux Hosting Features

Powerful Servers

Boost your website's loading speed with our powerful servers.

FTP Access

All hosting accounts have individual FTP access

Multi-PHP Version

You can pick and set your own PHP version, from PHP 5.4 to PHP 7.3


We offer cPanel - the most popular hosting control panel with hosting account

Exclusive Support

Round the clock backend support to ensure all your concerns are addressed on time

Free Migration

We will migrate your sites from other providers absolutely free of cost

Why Choose Us?

Wide Experience

We have been hosting and optimizing websites for our clients on our servers for a long time. Thus our understanding of specific requirements of individual businesses is thorough.

Prompt Support

Our team is experienced and vigilant to ensure your websites and web applications keep running smoothly on our servers and we are committed to providing quick resolution to any undesirable incident being reported to us.

Affordable & Punctual

We provide hosting services that are affordable and your account is deployed swiftly.

Long Term Professional Relationships

Over the years, we have built a long term trust relationship with all our clients. We listen to them, understand them and respond according to their expectations.