Absolute Barbecues

Comprehensive web-system at backend for enhanced customer’s experience

ABs – India’s one of the largest & fastest growing chain of barbecue restaurants, required a system to collect and save customer records on continuous basis, integrate GSI (Guest Satisfaction Index), NPS and track guest feedback and complaints. Since ABs have different brands – AB’s and 3B’s, they wanted the system to have a logical separation for each brand. This system also required to handle customers complaints on priority basis and escalated to higher level if not closed in a time bound manner.

Our designed web-application for ABs, is broadly categorized into four major modules:

The application is broadly categorized into four major modules:






GSI is a universal analytics tool designated for measuring guest satisfaction with a product, service or a company as a whole, which is mainly derived from guest reviews and ratings based on different parameters of variable weightage. It helps to find the reasons of customer’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

Since ABs has different brands under its umbrella, the system has been designed to calculate GSI using different parameters, sub parameters and weightage for individual brand. Our web-application has the feature to automatically calculate the GSI for the particular outlet based on this data. These GSI Reports are accessible in Daily, Monthly, Yearly format for the particular outlet, city, region and brand as well.


Net Promoter Score measures customer experience and predicts business growth. This proven metric provides a comprehensive measurement for all customer experience management programs and is used around the world by various major and top brands. On the basis of feedback question, the system automatically calculates the NPS for each outlet and respective reports can be generated by the day, month or specified period of time.

ABs web-application with all the features is been constantly monitored by our experts and it keeps undergoing several checks to ensure the functionality, security and no downtime.


Guest recovery system in the web-app, has been designed in such a manner that a ticket id is raised when a guest complaint is registered into the system, which allows uploading of audio as well as image file along with the complaint. The assigned user has to close the ticket in a time bound manner. In the event of failure to do so, the complaint is automatically escalated to higher level.