Recent cPanel price hike

Posted by Cloud Zappy under Latest News on December 27, 2019

cPanel is the world’s leading web hosting platform and has been one of the preferred one, for Cloud Zappy too, when it comes to host websites of its clients.

Originally cPanel pricing structure offered unlimited cPanel accounts with VPS or Dedicated servers.

But cPanel has revised its pricing structure drastically by basing its pricing on number of cPanel accounts on the server i.e now cPanel bills for each individual cPanel accounts.

This steep hike has impacted a major chunk of service providers, like us, who’ve been hosting multiple websites on cPanel platform. A mere addition of 100 cPanel accounts will now cost additional $20 per month which will be $240 per year!!

Instead of passing this charge to our clients, we have decided to absorb this hike for the time being.

But moving forward, we are now exploring other website hosting platforms which are more cost effective and competitive to cPanel, and we may shift our hosting services to a different platform in near future.

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